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Labor Outsourcingrefers to an enterprise that issues some business or functional work to relevant organizations. The agency arranges its own personnel to complete the corresponding business and work according to the requirements of the enterprise.

Different from the traditional labor dispatch, the outsourcing enterprise operates independently, and the contract enterprise assumes the rights and obligations according to the contract. The contracting company no longer assumes joint responsibility for the employees of the outsourcing enterprise. In this regard, the employment model of outsourcing companies retains labor. The advantages of dispatching subtly circumvent the restrictions imposed by labor laws and regulations on labor dispatch.

This new employment model can reduce labor costs, avoid labor risks, and improve economic efficiency.


Warm Tips: What is the recruitment process outsourcing?

Recruitment process outsourcing refers to the completion of all or part of the recruitment activities by the enterprise to a third-party professional external service provider. At the request of the company, the professional service provider can manage the entire recruitment process. The so-called all recruitment process refers to recruitment confirmation, recruitment advertisement, resume collection and screening, test/interview arrangement, test/interview implementation, background investigation, candidate evaluation. With a series of processes such as recommendation, communication and delivery of Offer, professional service providers will use professional recruitment consultants, strong recruitment system, advanced evaluation technology and perfect workflow to support the successful development of recruitment activities.

Product Positioning

For the different demands of the government, institutions, state-owned enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises for recruitment, through the overall recruitment process outsourcing or customized recruitment outsourcing, focus on talent search and recruitment outsourcing, etc., to provide recruitment process design, channel diversification customization With management, Internet recruitment management experience and other services, to provide customers with "one-stop" personnel recruitment solutions.

product value

Core Values: Production process outsourcing products output is the employment and management mode, focusing on solving the problems of personnel employment and on-site management of relatively independent work projects, reducing the employment risks of enterprises, improving the efficiency of project operation, saving project cost and expenditure, and making enterprises focus. The improvement of core competitiveness.

Value-added value: In the process of recruitment process outsourcing, it can help enterprises optimize the design of recruitment process, efficiently graft relevant professional resources such as recruitment related channels, medical examination institutions, talent assessment, etc., improve the comprehensive ability of recruitment, and pass the candidates in the batch recruitment process. Infiltration of corporate culture, product services and other information can even achieve the effect of expanding brand communication and promoting product sales.



Recruitment process outsourcing

(1) Van der CRPO (recruitment process outsourcing) definition:

Many SME CEOs have no systematic theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience in enterprise human resource management. The administrative background of the Human Resources Department restricts the understanding and promotion of enterprise human resource management, and cannot provide human resources services needed for rapid development of enterprises;

For this reason, Van der International launched the Consultant Recruitment Process Outsourcing (CRPO), which became the external human resources partner of the CEO.


(2) What can be done by Van der CRPO (recruitment process outsourcing):

1. CRPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) quickly found a professional human resource management partner for the CEO of a human resource immature enterprise;

2. CRPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) improves recruitment quality and shortens recruitment cycle by providing recruitment and configuration plans based on enterprise organizational structure diagnosis, optimizing recruitment process, professional recruitment methods and skills, and matching personnel assessment;

3. CRPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) also enables the company to operate its core business with competitive human resources allocation by establishing a corresponding management and training system.


(3) SMEs need Van der CRPO (recruitment process outsourcing):

1. The CEO has no human resource management interlocutor: the enterprise development in the organizational structure, staffing, personnel recruitment, personnel incentives, personnel retention and other human resources management issues, the CEO alone in the actual battle to explore, think, adjust, low efficiency , high risk, can not match the rapid development of the enterprise;

2. The time for introducing professional human resources managers is immature: the enterprise develops to a certain scale, and the human resources department has the introduction of professional manpower when the organizational structure is relatively perfect, the content shifts from administrative affairs work to developing talents, retaining talents and other strategic stages. The feasibility of resource managers;

3, business development requires a large number of efficient recruitment: recruitment needs for a long time urgent, recruitment process is not perfect, recruitment channels are single, recruitment skills are insufficient, can not keep up with the speed of business development;

4. Need a team with stable core competitiveness: The fierce competition for talents makes enterprises urgently need to develop talents and retain talents. CRPO (recruitment process outsourcing) enhances enterprises through post competency assessment, corporate culture assessment, management coaching, and employee training. Human resources competitiveness.


Why choose a recruitment process outsourcing service?

Talent Spot has highly specialized recruiters and best practices, and is designed to attract, procure, evaluate, hire and join to drive the success of your business. We have the following advantages:

1. Improve active procurement and talent pooling to find suitable candidates, even for positions that are difficult to fill.

Second, improve the quality of employment and new employee retention rate

Third, improve employer brand awareness and market brand communication consistency

Fourth, shorten the procurement time and rental time

Fifth, reduce recruitment costs and significantly reduce the use of third-party organizations

6. Improve governance and compliance and reduce employment-related risks

Seven, improved reports and insights

Get continuous improvement and innovation to ensure your solution is at the forefront


Providing services such as recruitment process design, channel diversification customization and management, and internet recruitment management experience to provide customers with one-stoprecruitment solutions. When you want to expand your business but lack staff, please let our HR outsourcing service help you. Provide tailor-made HR outsourcing services to meet your manpower needs. We will work with your personnel department to develop recruitment plans, design recruitment templates and training programs. We can anticipate your possible personnel problems and provide professional management. With many years of industry experience, we provide professional, stable and global network resources to meet any special requirements. We are ready, are you ready?

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