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With the continuous development of the international market economy, in order to cope with the more intense market competition, the emphasis on talent recruitment has gradually strengthened. In the 21st century, competition among enterprises has increasingly become a competition among talents. Having a high-quality talent team is a guarantee for an enterprise to remain invincible. However, various problems in the current corporate talent recruitment will have an adverse impact on the development and scale expansion of the enterprise. If the enterprise wants to be in an invincible position in the fierce market competition, the key is to have a high-quality talent team, and the key to the high-quality talents depends on the quality of the recruitment work. Recruitment is an important way for enterprises to obtain excellent human resources. Only by first acquiring and cultivating the human resources of the enterprise, and then through scientific methods, can the organization's goals be maximized.


Recruitment work is an important part of Yixiang in enterprise human resources management. It is a key link for the survival and development of enterprises. This link is not only a separate personnel department, but also a systematic, complex and comprehensive work, with the development of society. And development. As a complicated task, we must not only think systematically, but also deal with it independently, so that the cooperation between departments and departments does not interfere, so that we can recruit more high-quality talents suitable for enterprise development.

The recruitment management is specialized and scientific. With the development of the market economy, the content of corporate management in China will continue to be refined. This trend will also have an important impact on China's talent recruitment management, mainly reflected in the refinement of corporate management content will inevitably lead to the refinement of corporate job design, so the recruitment target in the one-to-one talent recruitment is bound to be more professional. At the same time, specialization will also show the talent recruitment team of enterprises. The refinement of enterprise management puts forward higher professional level requirements for the staff of various departments of the enterprise. Human resource management is an important part of enterprise management. In addition, in the management of talent recruitment in China, there is still a scientific trend, which is mainly reflected in the scientificization of the enterprise talent recruitment process and the scientific positioning of the enterprise talent recruitment target. Only through the specialization of talent recruitment management, scientificization can improve the level of human resources management of Chinese enterprises, bring more talents to enterprises, and enable enterprises to maintain competitive advantage and even occupy high competition in the international market competition.


We break recruitments process into six steps. Our RPO lifecycle secure an affective, professional, andsimple hiring experience depends on your specific needs.


Understand the overall needs and expectation

Advise on current recruiting process

Identify roles and responsibilities

2. Plan

Set up timeline

Design the recruitment plan

3. Deploy

Establish team, reporting,and communication structure

Deploy programmes and systems

Launch recruiting plan

4. Execute

Manage end to end recruiting process

Sourcing on different channels


Offer and contract management

5. Review

Service reviews

Recruitment program reviews

6. Project assessment

Summary report

Future recommendations


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