What are the advantages and services of Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing can improve the HR work efficiency of the enterprise, thereby reducing the labor cost of the enterprise. So what are the advantages of this model?

1. First of all, the operation is convenient and flexible, which can help the enterprise to effectively increase or decrease recruitment operations, so that the company can adapt to changing business needs.

2. It is the efficiency of HR in the enterprise. Although the work of HR is not complicated, it is very tedious. After recruitment outsourcing, HR can do more important things, such as establishing corporate culture and handling employee relations.

3. The company has difficulty in recruiting people, the problem of difficult employment is prominent, and the company's own manpower is limited. If this part of the business is outsourced, it can also greatly improve the operation efficiency of the enterprise and reduce the employment risk of the enterprise.

4. More effective cost control: Focused recruitment process outsourcing provides visual resource management and cost control.

2. Service content of recruitment outsourcing.

Recruitment: Including general talents, professional talent recruitment services; short-term flexible employment; providing flexible employment methods to solve the worries of temporary short-term employment of enterprises.

Senior talent recruitment services: professionally engaged in headhunting business of mid-to-high-end management and technical talents, covering industries such as finance, real estate, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and consumer goods.

Campus Recruitment: Use multiple channels to provide enterprises with a full range of campus recruitment services, eliminating the need for a large amount of human and material input.