Talent Spot | What Are The Differences Between China Recruitment Agency or Headhunter?

Working with a recruitment agency or headhunter can be most efficient and cost-effective than spend time and resources of investing a wrong candidate on your own. People often get confused about the differences between recruitment agency or headhunter. In this article, we will explain what the differences are between these two service agencies, making sure you understand what each offers before you work with.  

Definition of Recruitment Agency 
A recruitment agency is a service provider that helps employers to fill positions. Employers hire recruitment agencies to find job candidates. Agency recruiters do this by researching the open roles, identifying qualified people, screening the candidates, and providing support to the employer during the selection of the new hire. Recruitment agencies are commonly confused with employment agencies. However, they are not the same thing; recruitment agencies serve employers, and employment agencies serve job seekers.

Recruitment agencies usually offer their services in several ways, including: 

Definition of Headhunter 
Headhunter, an informal name for an employment recruiter, sometimes referred to as executive search[1]. Under most circumstances, headhunter is the person you will actually work with on your job search. You may be approached by a headhunter trying to recruit you to apply for a new job working for a firm she/he represents. Alternately, you may send your resume to a recruiter or apply for a position that a headhunter is trying to fill.

What Are the Differences?
Candidates: both of them look for the right candidates who are perfect to fit, but they search for different types. A recruitment agency looks for positions for active job seekers. On the other hand, a headhunter usually focuses on finding candidates who are not actively seeking new jobs.

Payment: headhunters are usually paid by the company that hired them to fill a position. Recruitment agencies typically work on commission paid to them by the hiring company if the agency successfully finds the right candidate for a position

Hiring Process: the matching and hiring processes are slightly different. For example, When a headhunter receives an order for a specific position, he or she searches the entire market (including people who aren’t currently looking for new jobs) to find the best candidate at that moment in time. Recruitment agencies work a bit differently. A recruitment agency is typically a team of recruiters that are allocated to certain recruitment tasks. The recruiters will reach out to potential candidates to inform them about the position and attempt to source them for that position.

Positions: Since recruitment agencies typically work with a number of companies to fill their recruiting needs, they often look for candidates with broad skills who can fill a variety of positions as needed. However, since headhunters look for candidates to fill very specific positions, they usually search for people with highly specialized skill sets.
Time: Remember, recruitment agencies need to fill a large number of roles for clients, so the focus is on quantity. That means they’ll spend a small amount of time with each position and candidate and move on to the next. Headhunters need to find the best candidate for a very specific role, and that candidate is usually not easy to find. It is not unusual for a headhunter to spend a very long time on each position and candidate to ensure they identify the right match.

They both Work SIMILIAR in China
In China, the headhunting company and recruitment agency are very similar. They both looking for talents, help employers to fill the position. There is only one difference is headhunter in China prefer to search executive talents. The goal of headhunting is always on the high-education, high-ranking, high-payment talents. They search for those with experienced and outstanding professionals executive candidates.

How to Choose?
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