Human resource outsourcing is complicated? An article teaches you to read it!

What is HR outsourcing?

Human resources outsourcing, referred to as HRO, refers to the outsourcing of one or several human resources management tasks or functions as required by the enterprise and management by other enterprises or organizations to reduce labor costs and maximize efficiency. In general, human resource management outsourcing will infiltrate all personnel business within the enterprise, including human resource planning, system design and innovation, process integration, employee satisfaction survey, salary survey and program design, training, labor arbitration, employee relations. , corporate culture design and other aspects.

Human resource outsourcing is not simply a combination of human resource meaning and outsourcing meaning, it has its specific rich meaning. It refers to the use of resources outside the organization to more economically and effectively address the work involved in the organization's internal human resources activities. The meaning of human resourcesin human resources outsourcinghas been expanded to the work involved in human resources activities.

What are the benefits of human resources outsourcing is?

Benefits to the business

1 reduce the personnel cost of the enterprise

First of all, because the current level of social security contributions varies from place to place, the employment method of talent leasing can pay social security fees through different places, thereby significantly reducing the social security costs of enterprises; secondly, it can be determined by the human resources company according to the supply and demand relationship of the labor market. The salary level of employees is easy to control the salary cost of the enterprise. Thirdly, for the rental position, the human resources company can recruit the employees for free, which greatly saves the recruitment cost of the enterprise.

2 reduce the employment risk of enterprises

According to the relevant national laws, regulations and labor and personnel policies, the employer and the human resources company signed a talent leasing (personnel outsourcing) service agreement, and the human resources company and the hired personnel signed an employment contract. The employees were legally assigned by the human resources company. Employing enterprises and they are only labor relations, employees have problems during their work, and employers have no direct responsibility. Therefore, the employment method of talent leasing can not only reduce personnel costs, but also reduce the employment risks caused by work accidents and labor disputes.

3 exempt from the annoyance of transactional work

As the enterprise grows and develops, the enterprise human resources department needs to change its functions and focus resources on the core business of the enterprise. Handing some transactional human resource management work to a professional human resources company requires only a small amount of fees. In the shortest time, professionals complete the personnel business, and the input and output are more cost-effective.

4 flexible work methods

When an employer uses a leased employee, it only needs to make a relevant management system, manage and evaluate according to the assigned work tasks, and the initiative to renew the contract at the expiration of the contract is in the employer's enterprise. Employers can increase the number of employees when they increase their business volume, and reduce the number of employees when the business volume is reduced. The relevant procedures are handled by human resources companies, and the users are very convenient and flexible. The original temporary workers of the employer enterprise and the reemployed employees after the enterprise restructuring can also be regulated by the lease method. The state-owned enterprises and government agencies can also solve the problem of over-compilation by renting.

Benefits to employees

1 Effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees

The human resources company promises to lease employees the following: signing labor contracts, purchasing social insurance, paying wages on time, conducting on-the-job training, providing re-employment opportunities, and so on.

2 employees have more employment opportunities

If the hired employee is dismissed by the employer, the human resources company can arrange for it to work for other enterprises free of charge; and if it is sent to a different enterprise, the payment of social security and housing provident fund can be kept continuous, which is conducive to the enjoyment of relevant treatment.

3 employees can get a better working environment

The human resources company acts as a communication bridge between the employer and the leased employee, and handles labor-management conflicts and disputes in a timely manner, so as to better provide a harmonious and comfortable working environment for employees.