China Recruitment Agency

With the development of the economy, the progress of society, and the phenomenon of the flow of talents, they are becoming more and more popular and active. In particular, China recruitment agencies have adapted talent exchange centers or employment agencies in many cities to meet this demand. These institutions play a dual role in selecting companies for companies, units, and job seekers. The personnel recommended by professional organizations are generally screened, so the recruitment success rate is relatively high, and the effect of the job is better. Some standardized communication centers can also provide follow-up services to reassure recruiters. Targeted and low-cost are the advantages of this channel. The headhunting company channel is a special type among professional intermediaries. Most of the recruits through this channel are middle and high-level positions of the company. The personnel recruited by the headhunting company are characterized by rich work experience, special features in management or professional skills, and relatively rare talents in the industry and corresponding positions. This channel also has certain needs in the company's recruitment, because the middle and high-level positions of the company generally have current staff. Before the search for better replacement targets, the adjustment decision is still at the level of corporate leadership, and it is not appropriate to use the media to make a big difference. Open recruitment, affecting the enthusiasm of the current staff; on the other hand, the candidates who are qualified for these positions are more famous, the salary and status are quite guaranteed, and they will not easily jump, even if there is a change of intention of the unit. It is also more inclined to operate in a black-box. It is not willing to let the leaders and colleagues know that it is unlikely that they will submit the materials for employment and participate in the job fair before going to the undecided. Therefore, the headhunting company can compare the needs between the company and the individual. A good balance.